Purchases made with the Mercantil Private Banking debit card are debited directly to your bank account. If a transaction on the account statement is not comprehensible to you (e.g. double debit, incorrect amount, merchant unknown) or if you have not received the corresponding product/service, you can dispute the transaction.

Unfortunately, we cannot respond to your complaint if you:

  • have made transactions via a wallet (e.g. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay etc.)
  • have confirmed transactions with a Chip/PIN or via contactless
  • have confirmed online transactions via 3-D Secure
  • have made transactions in connection with uncancelled subscription payments
  • have not complied with the deadline for a complaint (45 days from the date of issue of the account statement)
  • want to complain about the quality of goods or services

Correct procedure for disputing transactions

Contact the merchant
First contact the merchant before reporting the transactions and try to reach an agreement. We would like to point out that an unjustified charge can also be the result of an unintentional error by the merchant. It is often possible to resolve the complaint by contacting the merchant directly.

No solution found with the retailer
If you are unable to reach an agreement with the merchant, you must submit a written complaint within 45 days of receiving the account statement together with all relevant documents (e.g. e-mails, letters, information on telephone calls, receipts, etc.). Only list the transactions concerned and do not enclose any account statements.
Submit the complaint to our partner SIX. The following link will take you to the SIX website, where you can download the complaint form yourself, complete it and submit it together with other supporting documents.

To the complaint form

After you have sent the complaint form to SIX, SIX will investigate your claim and inform you by e-mail about the next steps. The final clarification of the complaint may take some time, as various authorities are involved. Mercantil Private Bank is bound by the internationally applicable regulations of Mastercard Worldwide and Visa International for the complaint procedure and must therefore comply with the prescribed formal requirements.Depending on the reason for the complaint, this includes the mandatory submission of evidence. Any documentation in connection with the disputed transaction significantly increases the chances of a refund.

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