Advisory Services

Our holistic offering takes all aspects of your wealth and supports you through the implementation and monitoring of your investments


  • Investments in securities placed in several financial markets in various currencies in accordance with your instructions
  • Access to the main global markets in order to implement your strategy
  • Includes fixed and variable income investments, mutual funds, structured products, operations in the foreign exchange market and a broad catalogue of third-party managed products.
  • Your Relationship Manager will periodically review your investment strategy to guarantee the fulfillment of your financial goals
  • Effective portfolio control through the electronic platform placed at your disposal

Your Relationship Manager will dedicate all time necessary to fully understand your objectives and goals. He will consider all aspects of your financial profile. This includes your risk tolerance, expected rates of return, investment time horizon, structure of assets, liabilities and financial investments, liquidity requirements and financial experience. Accordingly, the Relationship Manager will present an investment proposal streamlined to your situation, with the assistance of a professional team with ample experience in this area.

Brokerage Services

We offer a platform for the purchase, sale and custody of securities in international markets and financial products.

Foreign Currency Transactions

We offer access through our treasury to the market in various foreign currencies (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, JPY, Gold) for Spot and Forward transactions.

Structured Products

Structured products represent an attractive supplement to direct financial assets such as equities, bonds, currencies etc. Discover new perspectives and appropriate investment solutions with these innovative and flexible investment instruments, even in challenging market environments.

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