Mutual Fund Portfolios

We offer discretionary management services to clients that seek to delegate the active management of their portfolios to a team of professionals. Within these services, we offer investment strategies with participations in several mutual funds of global diversification.


  • Immediate and continuous diversification.
  • Global scope with reasonable investment amounts.
  • Access to fund managers for the various geographic areas and asset classes.
  • Active management of asset distribution.
  • Periodic monitoring.
  • Performance Reports.

Mutual fund portfolios maintain exposure to different asset classes depending on the chosen strategy. These products offer high levels of diversification due to their investment policy. Exclusive allocations in collective investment vehicles seek to minimize concentration risk. We recommend an adequate strategy based on factors like needs, financial goals and risk aversion. The client is clearly and periodically informed about the performance of his assets and the development of the financial markets. The investment portfolio will be timely adjusted according to our market expectations. The discretionary advisory mandates can be subscribed and liquidated at any time.


Download and consult the product information document.

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