Brokerage Services

Our brokerage services offer a broad platform for the purchase, sale and custody of financial assets within international markets and other financial instruments from renowned providers


  • The transactions are performed by professionals that guarantee the best execution.
  • The client is able to consult all the information regarding his or her brokerage transactions through our E-Banking or relationship managers.
  • It is possible to access a broad variety of financial markets through our trading desk.


Our brokerage services include the promise of “best execution”. This implies that Mercantil Bank will apply its best efforts to search and obtain the best execution prices for its clients. The execution of transactions under brokerage services will always obey our clients decision or its proxy. Any business previously discussed between the client and ist relationship manager shall be interpreted as a related and incidental service in favor of the transaction and not as an advisory or investment service.

Download and consult the product information document.

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