Lombard Loans

The lombard loan is a credit product of private banking with the pecularity of using financial assets as collateral. Given the presence of a tangible and liquid guarantee, the mayor advantages are its simplicity and flexibility. These loans are easy to apply for and, in most cases, very fast to approve and liquidate.


  • The client will have the possibility to use additional capital to boost the returns of its portfolio.
  • With the lombard loan product, you will be able to choose between a fixed-term loan or a credit line with limit.
  • The use of collateral as a credit factor allows the access to attractive interest rates.
  • You can make use of an alternative liquidity source without having to liquidate current positions.


This credit product offers two different versions: fixed-term loan or line of credit. These options allow the investors to adapt the credit to their needs.

Similarly, there are different alternatives when it comes to the use that can be given to the funds. Clients usually use lombard loans either to meet liquidity needs or to increase their capacity to invest in financial markets.


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